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Madder than the Hatter

I’ve been remiss in my posting here. I could pin the blame on many things, including my thesis for my MPH, but mostly I am just really mad. Now, little birdies tell me that when you are mad, the Internet is the place to be. But I have a hard time wanting to add my screeches to the already overwhelming mass of opinion that exists. So, I’ve remained silent, invoking the old adage ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything’.

However, in the next four weeks, I hope that my thesis will be complete. I will then have some time to do some well thought out, and well researched, posts on topics such as the gold standard, employer-based health care, and other topics that are related to the mess occurring outside our windows everyday, but hopefully with some objectivity and care.

So until then, we should all take a break from watching the news, and focus on the coming spring, the warming of the earth, and the smile of our loved ones.


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