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10 things I learned reading through the PPACA

So, it’s the last day of the year, and in the spirit of the Internet, I’m going to do a “10 things I learned about the ACA” post.

10) I got really bored reading the PPACA, and the funniness quotient of my blog posts fell off dramatically. For this I apologize.

9) It doesn’t really matter what is in the PPACA to most people, they are going to make things up.

8) Taking a broad, comprehensive law such as the PPACA and turning it in to reality is very complicated.

7) People don’t like change, especially change they don’t understand.

6) People in the U.S. want to enjoy every freedom, including the freedom to be screwed over by health “insurance” plans that don’t actually cover very much of their health care.

5) It’s going to take me a looooooong time to read the whole ACA, mostly so I don’t want to gouge my own eyes out doing it.

4) The PPACA expanded the adoption child tax credit.

3) The PPACA includes a tax on tanning.

2) Congresspeople will find a way to complicate even the simplest sentence.

1) 2014 is going to be an interesting year!


In light of the fact that the ACA is essentially fully implemented, starting tomorrow, with a few hiccups and exceptions, I’m going to switch the focus of this blog back to general economics questions, although I may toss in a visit to the PPACA now and again. I am also going to follow the lead of the ineffable Angélique Jamail, and commit to a weekly post, let’s say on Wednesdays. See you next week!


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