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Health Care Quality Improvements

Ah, now we get to something very personal in the PPACA. A call for Health Care Delivery Systems Research.

Section 3501 calls for the AHRQ to conduct research in various areas of patient safety and quality improvement and gives out $20,000,000! It also provides quality improvement technical assistance grants.

Section 3502 sets up community health teams to support the patient-centered medical home. Necessary Sums!

Section 3503 provides grants and contracts to support medication management services for chronic diseases. Necessary Sums!

Section 3504 provides grants and contracts for design and implementations of regionalized systems for emergency care, including grants for emergency care research. $100,000,000!

Section 3505 provides grants for trauma care centers. $100,000,000!

Section 3506 creates a program to facilitate shared decision making. Necessary Sums!

Section 3507 calls for reports on evidence based presentation of prescription drug benefit and risk information.

Section 3508 creates a demonstration program for integrating quality improvement and patient safety training into clinical education of health professions. No money listed!

Section 3509 calls for Improving Women’s Health. I’ve got a few ideas, but they aren’t neutral. Establishes an office of Women’s Health! With Goals, and Advice. And Coordinating Committees! All paid for with necessary sums. Necessary and appropriate!

Section 3510 creates a patient navigator program with absolutely no details about it but you do get $3,500,000 a year till 2015.

Section 3511 authorizes appropriation.

Section 3512 makes a GAO study and a Report!




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