Come on a journey with me….

My days are currently spent being quite domestic. While my Pumpkin is away at school with his dad, Professor X and I are holding down the home fort. As of today, he is about 6.5 weeks old. Current activities include sleeping, watching the ceiling, spitting up on Mom, and learning to smile to make it all better. Since sleeping is one of his pasttimes, I again have the mental energy to tackle reading some of the driest text ever put to paper.

Over the next unspecified time (not willing to commit to a month, year, etc. You’ll get it when I have it) I will delve into those texts of economics that everyone always says “Oh, I’ve been meaning to read that” while in actuality they are watching the latest episode of American Idol. However, since division of labor is one of the hallmarks of an advanced economy, and I’m trying to limit TV for Professor X, I will throw myself on them. If you have any suggestions of topics or readings you want to see, feel free to leave them in comments.

We’ll start with “Essays on the Great Depression” by Ben Bernanke. A timely and important book, I hope. I’ll summarize and then do my best to apply to the current situation, as best as I can.   Hopefully it will be enjoyable to all.


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