Rural Protections!

Is that for rural areas, or against them? JOKING!

Section 3121 extended the Outpatient Hold Harmless Provision of Medicare, which protects hospitals in case they provide higher cost treatments, or in the case of rural hospitals, don’t have much ability to lower certain costs. (For one year – don’t know if it is still in effect).

Section 3122 extended some outpatient payments in a similar way for rural area labs. (For one year – don’t know if it is still in effect).

Section 3123 extended a Community Hospital Demonstration Program for 5 years (so still in effect)

Section 3124 extended the Medicare-dependent hospital program, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Section 3125 improves Medicare payments to low-volume hospitals.

Section 3126 improves the demonstration project about community health integration models in rural counties by removing restrictions on the number of counties eligible.

Section 3127 creates a study on whether Medicare payments for rural providers are sufficient.

Section 3128 corrects a previous law that forgot to put “101%” in front of “the reasonable costs” Oops!

Section 3129 extends the Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Program by changing the law to specifically help those hospitals prepare for changes stemming from the PPACA.

That’s it, rural folks. Enjoy!


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