Exchanges are Open!

For those of you who don’t know – the PPACA Exchanges are open for business!

Check here to see if you qualify:
Check here to see if your premiums would go down:

Good luck!

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One response to “Exchanges are Open!

  1. BJ

    Great post, Margo! Before I was married, I didn’t have health insurance, couldn’t afford it, and was beginning to have health issues – both general and old, sports related ones.
    I’m so grateful to know that, should our situation change, I won’t be left stranded without access to affordable healthcare. With all the preexisting conditions I’d be walking in with… well, it’s a good thing I’m protected from discrimination because of this.
    I’m glad you included these links. Texas, despite our amazing history, is having an embarrassing present and possible future state of affairs. One of those embarrassments being the ridiculous requirements placed on those working to implement the Affordable Healthcare program.
    Hopefully, despite the all the glitches and political maneuvering (read… temper tantrums), we will see a GREAT change, and people everywhere can get the care that they need. 😉
    I’m sure I’ll get call the ‘L’ word (LIBERAL), a dirty word to some family and friends, for supporting this new dawn; but, as someone who knows that if I didn’t have amazing insurance through my husband, Jason, I would be in even worse shape than I am now or paying for medical debt till I died an early death.

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