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The Interwebz! Studies! Ponies!

A few final miscellania

Section 1561 discusses new standards for health information technology. The Public Health Service Act is modified to require standards to facilitate the enrollment into these various programs. They will do this through creating systems of electronic applications; utilizing current eligibility data, such as employment and tax records; reusing existing documents; providing places for enrollees to fill out these eligibility forms; and so on. It also authorizes grants for this purpose to the states.

Section 1562 authorizes a study into the incidence of both denial of coverage by and enrollment in health insurance plans.

Section 1563 says that any contract with a small business must still follow Part 19 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation and section 15 of the Small Business Act.

Section 1563 (the second apparently) lists a bunch of amendments to various other laws to make them make sense with this one.

Section 1563 (the third) says that the Senate says this Act will reduce the budget deficit between 2010 and 2019 and after, extend the solvency of Medicare, increase the Social Security Surplus, increase the savings for the Community Living Assistance Services and Support, put a chicken in every pot, make ponies come out of rainbows, and create world peace. Ok – maybe not those last three.

The rest of this week we will look at Increased Access to Medicaid – the portion of the PPACA that does include some things struck down by the Supreme Court.


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What will happen?

So I’ve been remiss in posting to this as much as I would have wanted to. Some of it has been my personal life getting in the way (remember my two kids!) but most of it has been a classic economic tradeoff. If the Supremes strike the whole PPACA down this month, I’d have felt really silly stressing about getting it done super fast. So – I’ve slowed down. Once we know what happens (and I don’t think they will strike the whole thing down, but I doubt they will just say it can all stand either. We’ll see.) I’ll get back on the blogging horse.

Until then – think about ponies and kitties frolicking in the grass. That should cheer you up.

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