Subtitle E – Ensuring Medicare Stability

I’m desperate to finish reading this thing. I can totally understand why the Supremes didn’t want to touch it.

Section 3401 of the PPACA alters Market Baskets and incorporates Productivity Improvements. These things have to do with some complicated accounting that the government does to determine how they pay for things. Now, I’m not an account, but the gist of this section is that the government wants to pay less for higher productivity. Hey – don’t we all?!?

Section 3402 (notable for its brevity in contrast to the verbosity of the previous section) make temporary adjustments to the calculation of Part B premiums by making the income thresholds for these premiums the same as the ones in 2010 for the period 2011-2019.

Section 3403 (amended by section 10320 to change its name) sets up an Independent Medicare Advisory Payment Board. This advisory board is supposed to help reduce per capita spending by making recommendations on how to do so. It links the ideal growth of Medicare to the growth of GDP, which is interesting. It also gives a list of procedural rules on how changes to Medicare, as advised by the Board, should be implemented.


And that’s all they got for ensuring Medicare Stability. Leeches and blood-letting anyone?



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